CymaSonics Sampler 1999-2006
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Selected CymaSonics experimental sound & music productions:

CymaSonics Vol.1 "ExPosition" Initial ProtoType Session, ft Constantin Jacobi keyb (2CD) 1999
CymaSonics Vol.2 "King's Chamber Simulation Project I" dedicated to Chris Dunn, ft Sascha guit 1999
CymaSonics Vol.3 "Pi Gate - Cymatic DX7II 'Phasers' animation study on 10Hz, Jan Zehn 2000
CymaSonics Vol.4 "10 LOKH" ft Molle sitar 2000
CymaSonics Vol.5 "InSpiRaTOR" Obsidian Modular Suite in Space, Jan Zehn 2000
CymaSonics Vol.6 "Didge Mission in Space" ft Christopher Moj 2003
CymaSonics Vol.7 "Indus Trial" ft Th.Naether guit+fx 2003
CymaSonics Vol.8 "Earth 24th" audio-animated Earth orbital, dedicated to Hans Cousto, Jan Zehn 2004
CymaSonics Vol.9 "Audio Micro Scope II" Kaiser/Hiemann/Zehn live @ Zeiss Planetarium Jena 2005
CymaSonics Vol.10 "CymaSonized" cymatic rythm study on NLRKS (2003 by Nikel&Seelig), Jan Zehn 2006
CymaSonics Vol.11 "Sound Space Ship EAR OF GOLD" CymaSonics @ Liquidsound Festival, Jan Zehn 2007
CymaSonics Vol.12 "The PULSAR Thing" Collection Sampler 2000-2008, Jan Zehn 2008
CymaSonics Vol.13 "d# Bowl Meditation" CS Feedback Installation by Jan Zehn 2008
CymaSonics Vol.14 "E-Smog Trails" Radiant session, dedicated to Alter S. Bergii, Jan Zehn 2009
CymaSonics Vol.15 "ExPeriMentals" 1st Modular studio sessions by Jan Zehn & Stefan Berke (3CD) 2009
CymaSonics Vol.16 "Ligh-Space-Port" Jan Zehn & Stefan Berke live @ Kulturbahnhof Jena (2CD) 2009
CymaSonics Vol.17 "Jazz from the Matrix" GHMatrix experimentals by Stefan Berke (2CD) 2009
CymaSonics Vol.18 "Shruti Box" CS max-transfer by Filip Hiemann @ Museum fuer Zukunft Jena, 2009
CymaSonics Vol.19 "Matrix Optimizer 1.0.1" Jan Zehn & Stefan Berke, Fulldome Festival Jena 2010 (DVD)

to be continued....

10 Years CymaSonics Sampler 1999-2009   ...planned for 2010

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