Since the 4th International Fulldome Festival Jena 2010 - where we made our debut with the pioneering
CymaSonics - MATRIX OPTIMIZER 1.0.1, an AudioVisual Fulldome animation clip - this site is known
to be the home of a scientific media art & research project focussed on new audio-visual techniques
using the full dome space itself both, visually as well as auditive, to be played like an instrument.

Beeing a small team of complex detail loving musically and visionary inspired enthusiasts, using many
different programming and creation platforms, it was our first goal to demonstrate the possibilities
of a visual 3d animation combined with its fully synchronized spatial audio-animation, creating a
highly syn-aesthetical experience on the dome - never seen with ears before.

After our best awarded Liszt from Space and a short but nice contribution to The Kepler Project,
end of 2011 the first SpatialSound Wave system was installed to the renovated Zeiss Planetarium Jena.
Allowing us to use 21 "virtual speakers" symmetrically placed over the dome, This was the final call
to create a more advanced demonstration of our kind of synchronous visualized spatial audio-animation
reaching near to virtual acoustical reality,

It was presented as MATRIX OPTIMIZER 2.0 at the Fulldome Festival Jena 2012. Suddenly resulting in
standing ovations... and consequently followed by invitations to other international Fulldome Events,
such as the Fulldome UK, the Melbourne International Film Festival and others - finally it was topped
by the late 2012 invitation to create a new full feature show for the opening of the ELECTRA FESTIVAL
at the SAT Dome Montreal in March 2013: Loco-Dyna-Morphics.

Now after we rocked some of the best equipped public domes with award winning "AudioVisual Fulldome"
productions and conquered some strange changes it's time to come back with some new developments.
Please also refer again to the initial about-text behind the top logo and to the full projects list.

Stay tuned ...


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