Initial ABOUT TEXT from 2010:

This site is about a Cymatics based scientific media art project on immersive video & sound animation, its visionary products, creative tools development as well as diverse project and application notes.

Since middle of the 90ies the FulldomeVideo Technology has conquered the classical Planetarium with 3D-animated video content, rapidly turning the worlds domes into so called Immersive Vision Theatres. But with this revolution of the full dome to change into a large scale spatial video interface, it becomes an actual question, how to instrumentalize the DomeSpace also in an acoustical way.

Both our visual as well as our auditive perception are designed to work synchronous and: in Space.

So now - in the age of fulldome & allospherical video projection - an adequate FulldomeAudio Technology is needed to step into this breach to enable us to create audio-visual realtime synchronized content.

Beeing a small team of complex detail loving musically inspired enthusiasts using many different programming platforms - we want to go In-To this Space with new electro-acoustical art techniques using space itself audio-visually to be played like an instrument.

Taking our site for an audio-visual essay on the physics of natural numbers and geometries artfully applied on spatial image and sound creation - there are many things to see and to hear and to use .... And it is an art project itself to give a slight impression of - what you must experience for yourself!
Watch out for upcoming events. Visit one of our scientific-art shows. Contact us to book your first cymasonical experience. Co-Create with us...

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