...within a moment the physical environment turned into an intrinsic scape of various spatial morphing sound fields illuminated visually from within. A large stream of completely enveloping spheres of multi-colored noise emerged, innumerable cosmic choir voices breaking forth supported by sacral super-harmonics from unknown sized space organs. Interspersed with some more electrical appearing single voiced musical sounds - developing caleidoscope-like to divide into fractal floating spacial sound patterns - together it was turning into a large harmo-graphical concert: illustrating the universal making of loco-dyna-morphics in a speech of light and sound...  Harmonical summer convergence 1987.


Experiences like this kind of an 'auditive illumination', critically reviewed and worked out over the years, teached me to re-search for the very fundamentals of physical mathematics and geometry, to be found universally encoded within natural numbers and the large operational matrix of all types of harmonical proportions: the Grand Harmonical Matrix. But how does that sound? This led me to explore the form-giving behaviour of harmonically integrated mechanical waves in a way of geometrical-controlled musical sound projection. This resulted in the creation of an immersive audio-animation concept - applying multi-parametrical Cymatics on air - so I named it CymaSonics.

In 2009 ten years after the opening of this fractal sound space, I went back to the very basics and wrote a simple program called CyMatrix, a simple harmonics based 3d cymatic shape generator, aimed to become a loco-dyna-morphic shape modeller to be used within futuristic audio-visual scientific art instruments & products now we want to present and to inspire you with in here .... on this

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