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October 10th 2018: adding the English version of the SynOptics II art print catalog

September 3rd 2018: opening exhibition: SynOptics II - GeoMetrical Appearances in Optical Light

Thanks to an initiative of my long-standing friend Thomas Kriska
this summer I was invited to create a new 3D Computer Graphics exhibition
at the offices of the JAT Jenaer Antriebstechnik

Read more at the related project page

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February 2018: LDM at Plaentarium Nights, Melbourne Planetarium

March 2017: down due to provider crash

January 10th 2016: LOCO-DYNA-MORPHICS (SAT 2013) full show now available on youtube.
... read more about this show on the related projects page

November 1st 2014: Loco-Dyna-Morphics will be presented at the Fulldome UK 2014

July 16th 2014: Announcing: CymaSonics - MATRIX OPTIMIZER 2.0 (2012)
will be presented Aug 9th + 15th at Melbourne International Film Festival


July 8th 2013: The LDM show is online at FDDB. See the projects page

June 1st 2013: Silently, my 50th birthday at the Fulldome Festival Gala. Thank you all so much!

May 29th 2013: Start of the Fulldome Festival Jena, where a special 8 minutes scene clip
from the new LDM show will be presented, named: Jazz from the Matrix #42 (video link will follow)

May 1st 2013: Premiere of LOCO-DYNA-MORPHICS at the SAT Montreal, opening ELEKTRA Festival 2013.

April 4th 2013: We're pleased to announce our 4th MATRIX OPTIMIZER show production

LOCO-DYNA-MORPHICS - An audio-visual essay on the physics of natural numbers
dedicated to the SAT[O]SPHERE Montreal @ Elektra Festival 2013
Premiere: May 1st, SAT Dome, Montreal

LOCO-DYNA-MORPHICs is a new AudioVisual Fulldome show production, using Stefan's CymaSonics based MatrixOptimizer fulldome production software, synchronously integrating 3D FulldomeVideo animation
and 3D FulldomeAudio animation, opening the full dome space for virtual acoustics.

The new show deals with the physics of natural numbers, their creative representation by simple but more and more complex visualized sounding object geometries and their animation possibilities within the 9 dimensions of Space, Time and Form, unfolding in a 50 minutes sequence of spatial animated musical and ambient compositions, most of them created by Stefan Berke.
Finally, it's not just an audio-visual fulldome show: it is a challange for your spatial listening.
Experience .... what no men has seen with ears before !

January 18th 2013: The proposal for "LOCO-DYNA-MORPHICS" was accepted by SAT & Elektra, Montreal.

January 3rd 2013: Stefan & me started to discuss and brainstorm on a new show project for the SAT...

January 1st 2013: HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL our Friends and Supporters all over the World !


December 21st 2012: ... we've been asked about how to create a new - rather musically oriented - spatial audio-animated show for the special audio-visual environment of the SAT Dome in Montreal.

November 16th-17 2012: Matrix Optimizer 2.0 presented at the Fulldome UK III
National Space Centre, Leichester, UK.

July 19th-20th: DJ FOOD with his new album show THE SEARCH ENGINE @ SAT[O]Sphere, Montreal.

June 22nd: Francis Monkman (Curved Air/Sky) plays Bach on the Novalis Organ at the Schloeben Church.

June 18th: DJ FOOD asks cymatrix for Matrix Optimizer frame sets for his new album fulldome show.
Nice job. Thanks Kev :)

June 1st: Thanks for all the nice congratulations and presents at my 49th BirthDay I got
from all of my neighbours, collegues and friends from all over the world.... Thank you all!

May 24th: 2nd screening @ ZEISS Planetarium Jena. Check back for further CyMatrix Optimizations...!

May 21st: INVITATION to watch the Matrix Optimizer 2.0 in a special friends screening on
the FullDome: May 24th at 3 p.m., Zeiss Planetarium Jena. Check on facebook for final confirmation.
Thanks for coming!

May 19th: See the first detailed 5 days photo collection from the Fulldome Festival Jena 2012
by Jangho Park, online @ facebook

May 18th: Read the 5 days report about the Fulldome Festival Jena 2012 by Dario Tiveron
online @ the FDDB.

May 11th: Yesterday, 10th of May late night, the new CymaSonics - Matrix Optimizer 2.0 show had its premiere @the 6th Fulldome Festival Jena 2012. The 25minutes show demonstrates our latest version of an audio-visually integrated Fulldome Animation Sequencer, in a special production for the Fraunhofer IDMT's new SpatialSound Wave-System, recently installed in the Zeiss Dome Jena. Read more about this futuristic new sound system in the online press at Innovations Report De.

To read more about the making of Matrix Optimizer 2.0 and its creators, or to watch the show online, check on the cymatrix projects page.

SPECIAL NOTE:  If you've made some nice photographs from the Festival or the show, we would love to have some of them to be shown on the project pages, with special credits to the authors, of course. Please share with us.. THX

May 8th: The new Modular Audio Graphics website online (temporarily offline 3/17).

April 30th: Announcing the new Matrix Optimizer 2.0 show in the local press.
Read the TLZ article by Joerdis Bachmann (german):

April 17th: SUMMARY
End of 2011 the Fraunhofer IDMT's new SpatialSound Wave System was installed here at ZEISS Planetarium Jena. So, we decided to design a completely new audio-visual fulldome animation software, integrating the 1.0.1, LisztFromSpace and KeplerOscillator experiences. This way MATRIX OPTIMIZER 2.0 was born.

April 12th: Matrix Optimizer 2.0 show trailer finished..

April 10th: ... Matrix Optimizer 2.0 show finished. Show announcement online @ FDDB

March 28th: Preview of the test movie clip @ Zeiss Planetarium.

March 6th: Finishing new Matrix Optimizer 21channel measurement&test movie.

February 28th: Creating 21channel setup on SpatialSound Wave-System @ Zeiss Planetarium Jena.

February 24th: Matrix Optimizer 2.0 production software finished. Begin scripting of a new show ...

February 22nd: Inquiry from INSPIRIA Planetarium, Norway, for Matrix Optimizer 1.0.1 (2010)
& LisztFromSpace (2011), to be shown in their regular progam.

February 15th: CyMatrix meets SpatialSound Wave LAB @ Fraunhofer IDMT, Ilmenau.

January..: Starting Matrix Optimizer 2.0 final production software design.

2012: A really HAPPY NEW YEAR to all our friends, collegues and visitors from all over the world!

December 20th: "Singing Heavens" 3:02 min music visualization now at FDDB.

November 17th: Ten Art Communications now also at the new FullDomeDataBase FDDB

November 3rd: Premiere of The Kepler Project at the Morrison Planetarium San Francisco.

October: Production of the "Singing Heavens" visualization scene. Music by Zoe Keating.

August-September: Creating a special fulldome solar system animation to be modulated by
complex audio data - we later named the Kepler Oscillator. Read more on the previewing page.

July 17th: Receiving an inquiry from the Morrison Planetarium San Francisco about
how to create a "Matrix Optimizer"-like music visualization for "The Kepler Project".


May 24th: FullDome workshop clips added to the "Liszt From Space" project page.

May 20th: The first CymaSonics Modular fulldome production "Liszt From Space" now on youtube.
In addition there is a new "Liszt From Space" project page.

May 14th: We are so sorry for not been able to update the cymatrix dot org for the actually running FullDome Festival Jena 2011 at the time:
Our workshop issue was to present the new CymaSonics Modular Workbench with an interactive realtime Fulldome 3D Audio-Graphics demonstration - at least - demonstrated with some preproduced stuff.
Fortunately we also could re-screen our last years FulldomeAudio technology demonstration clip "CymaSonics - MATRIX OPTIMIZER 1.0.1" in its original 5-channel behaviour again.
Next it will be screened at the Melbourne International Film Festival.
We will come back with an update on the actually running Festival till end of the coming week
& a new CS-Modular project page will follow soon after!

April 7th: Invitation of "Matrix Optimizer 1.0.1" to the Melbourne International Film Festival
2011 Melbourne, Australia

March 4th: Bergi set up a Vimeo Channel for some examples from the new CymaSonics Modular Workbench

February 12th: Invitation of "Matrix Optimizer 1.0.1" to the International Immersive Film Festival 2011 Espinho, Portugal

February 4th: Micky Remann invited us to do a presentation of CymaSonics and the CS Modular project
to some of his media design students @the Bauhaus University Weimar.

2011: HAPPY NEW YEAR to all our friends and visitors !

December 20th: Invitation of "Matrix Optimizer 1.0.1" to Fulldome UK 2011, Bermingham March 12th

September 16th: Vernissage: "SynOptics II - Heilige GeoMetrien in optischem Licht"
3D Computer Graphics exhibition with SynOptic studies by Jan Zehn (2000-2006), Townhall Stadtroda

August 10th: Start coding & exploring CymaSonics Modular WorkBench ....

July 9th: An 'objective' algorithm to convert video into sound used on an animation from the SESFIG
You may download the original avi from this fascinating experiment by clicking here>> (163MB!ZIP)

June 24th: further front line workout

June 17th: Pedro Zaz invited "Matrix Optimizer 1.0.1" to FULLDOME UK 2010, Plymouth July 10th

June 11th: "Sound Space Ship EAR OF GOLD" @ Liquidsound Festival 2007 moved to its own project page
June 10th: "SynOptics 2008" - 3D graphics exhibition moved to its own project page

June 9th: Preparing for selected sound & music production releases on the  CymaSonics page

June 8th: Thanks to Evan Grant inviting us to contribute to his  Cymatics community page
          First animations from the "Evolutionary Image Generator" added to  SESFIG project page
          Interactive Cymatrical Shape Matrix Explorer processing patch added to  projects page

June 4th: About text 2, preparing for the first animations from the  SESFIG project

June 3rd: First CymaSonics dl sound archive, Impressum & contents for Reflections

June 1st: Final Bryce4 Menue Bar Design to be applied
          Thanks for all of your 47th birthday greetings & presents :) sync urs a.i. jz

May 29th: Preparing for final Menue Bar Design

May 26th: The endlessly "Image Evolution Generator" added to projects page

May 22th: a.i. project site navigation concept complete + some first Instructions

May 17th: Welcome & About text 1

May 14th: CyMATRIX II 3D OnLine Browser v 0.555 5/2010 by Alter S. Bergii

May 11th: CymaSonics - Matrix Optimizer 1.0.1
Our first cymasonics fulldome audio-animated movie clip @ Fulldome Festival Jena 2010.

 A short ReView and a video update (added to projects page).


+ & a little of the magic of the good old Bryce4

May 3rd: online

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