The first CymaSonics Modular fulldome production: "Liszt From Space"
audio-visually animating Franz Liszt's "Ballade No. 2",
recently presented at the Fulldome Festival Jena 2011.

[Video-Image + youtube-link]

Some words on the history of the future

After our successful running CymaSonics FulldomeAudio-Animation movie clip "Matrix Optimizer 1.0.1", first presented at the last years Festival in Jena, we decided to go audio-visually realtime and started programming a modular designed cymasonics based framework: the CymaSonics Modular Workbench.

With that new prototyping tool we created this fulldome audio-visual animation of Franz Liszt's "Ballade No.2", based on a midi file - we found on the web - faithfully recorded by Koichi Hasegawa,
to whom we want to adress special thanks in this place.

Great Thanks also to Micky Remann & all of his staff & collegues from Zeiss & the Zeiss-Planetarium
and - of course - to the Jury who made a straight decision we did not expect. Thank you very much!

So, within our realtime interactivity workshop issue we wanted to demonstrate spatial audio-visual positioning and animation by some special CS Modular patches.

As a kind of audio-visual soundcheck, the first patch developes a sounding 10x10 harmographical shape matrix in 5 layers over the dome.

[Video-Image + youtube-link]

The second patch, starting up with a small relativistic starflight scene - shows a complex animated series of different modulations or morphing stages of one circle in space, ceating classical cymatical patterns, the two types of a sphere and of a torus, ending up in a complicated morphing into a special spherical phase modulation figure.

[Video-Image + youtube-link]

Also have a look at some earlier testing samples on our CymaSonics Modular Channel @vimeo

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