"Sound Space Ship EAR OF GOLD"
CymaSonics live presentation at the 6th Liquidsound Festival, November 9.-11. 2007

November 9th
3:00 p.m.: A short lecture on "Sensual Floating" with a CymaSonics 4-channel live presentation
by Jan Zehn @ Toskana Therme Bad Sulza, Conference Centre
late night: CymaSonics + Visuals, DJ'ed & VJ'ed @ Toskana Therme

November 10th
Sound Space Ship EAR OF GOLD + AudioVisuals live @ ZEISS Planetarium Jena: lift off 24:00
Here within a real 360Degrees panorama in combination with a real-time Audio-Visualizer based on the known "Particle Systems" screen saver by Andreas Kardin (CH) + some stars and a fulldome slide show of selected images from the 3D graphics series ON: HOLY OPTICS (2006) friendly prepared for the show by Juergen Hellwig.

Jan Zehn (Jena): concept, electronics, music + CymaSonics spatial Audio FX & 3D Computer Graphics
In collaboration with:
Uwe Erler (Jena): Equipment Support und live Photography   www.uweE.de
Andreas Kardin (CH): adapting Particle Systems for a real-time Audio Visualizer   www.mephzara.com

With special thanks to Micky Remann.

Here some Particle Systems Audio Visualizer shots - from its testing phaze:

And here some photo impressions from the event itself:

Photos & additional beamer show by Uwe Erler

To see all 48 selected Photographs from that event
please visit the related picture show at uwee.de by  clicking here

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