SynOptics was a very nice graphics exhibition
presenting an image series ON: HOLY OPTICs
- I created since 2000 with the magic of Bryce4 -
a second time for Jena to be "City of Science 2008".

This time in large formats up to 70x100
jewelling the Cafe Gruenowski
one of my most loved public meeting places.

These images I earned from visionary moments
taking place over the last 24 years of my
allround studies on different culture dependent
sciences, philosophies, religions & technologies..

They are reflections of eternal laws of
mathematics and geometry - cosmogonic glyphs
at least - put forth in synthetical optics.

For now I repeat 11 of the images shown there.

Thanks to all.

Some more explanations will follow here
when time allows....

Meanwhile you may have a chance to read more about
within the former exhibition handout (ge)
you find in the   reflections section.

1 "TEMENOS" (InFinite times Zero equals One)

2 "Four Species Integral"

3 "Grand Harmonical Matrix"


The Pi-Gate

The Golden Section (sphaeric)

The Flower of Life

The Golden Section

A Pythagoras in Space

A Vexier image ("Pyramid within the eye")

Tree of Life (native)

to be continued ....

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